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Corporate Flow State Experience

5 Day immersion

Four Seasons Resort Cost Rica at Peninsula Papagayo


Day 1

Arrival Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are an invitation to open our hearts, to quiet the mind and explore what it's like to speak and listen from the heart. Through guided meditation, the power of intention and the ceremony itself, you will enter into a personal and collective space where you transcend the many limited thoughts and beliefs to remember your real essence and true purpose Dinner in the Hidden Garden.



Day 2

7a Breakfast

930a Surf Boat Trip

The surf experience is tailored to the individual to assure appropriate wave selection, coaching and an avenue to flow state. We will start w/ an assessment of your surfing complete w/ video analysis, and cover board selection and wave mechanics. Throughout the experience all instruction will build upon this initial assessment. We will surf the local spots of Roca Bruja, and the long peeling rights of Ollies.

130p Poolside BBQ

3p Collective Ambition or Reason for Being

The starting point of team formation is gaining clarity of it’s collective ambition or reason for being. The Collective ambition is what instills the team with joy when engaging in work tasks for its own sake - that is, it creates a sense of intrinsic motivation to operate as a team. The team’s reason for being includes members values and beliefs about how they operated to accomplish their goals, and how they celebrate each other’s complimentary skills.

7p Dinner at Anejo


Day 3

7a Breakfast

930a Surf Boat Trip

130p Poolside BBQ

3p Class: Maximizing Productivity & Creativity/Innovation for Teams

For team flow to arise, each member must be connected towards a common or shared goal. The common goal must be clear and meaningful to all members of the team and compatible with each members’ individual goals. More so, the shared goal must be designed in a way to equally challenge and stretch the skill level of each team member.

7p Dinner at Nemare

Day 4

7a Breakfast

930a Awakening Shakti

The creative life force that shapes the physical world we live in remains dormant within us, known as Kundalini when becomes the archetype of the goddess/God of all creation "shakti". During this workshop we'll learn about subtle anatomy, we'll guide you on a journey through your chakras and learn how to tune them to promote the natural flow of energy through our body. It will also help us realize our true nature and awaken shakti to be able to consciously create our lives. By awakening and rising the shakti energy we can experience a deep transformation and healing within ourselves.

12p Poolside Lunch

130p Class: Courageous Communication

To enter flow state, individuals on a team must be able to release the self-conscious and analytical mind, individuals must receive clear and unambiguous feedback about their progress. Open communication provides this required feedback so that teammates know whether their actions are effectively contributing to achieving the goal, or if they need to adjust their course. Open communication can be assisted with stakeholder led feedback, psychometric assessments, subjective reports, and objective measures of goal progress - all of which can be presented visually to the team via a scoreboard system. The process of providing constructive feedback and offering advice for performance improvement contributes to creating the holistic focus of the team. Weekly performance reviews enable team members to hold themselves and each other accountable for achieving the group’s goal and reinforces the interdependent nature of fulfilling the collective ambition. Moreover, open communication can strengthen relationships which is conducive to creating the team flow.

530p Local Surf Trip

Conditions dependent, we will visit and surf Playa Grande, Playa Tamarindo, or Playa Avellanas. After surf we will have dinner at local spot before returning to the resort.

Day 5

7a Yoga Nidra

A meditation technique based on sound waves that seek to deeply relax the body and stop the fluctuations of the mind. The practice helps the body enter deeper states of healing and rejuvenation.

9a Breakfast

1030a Surf Boat Trip

w/ Lunch on the boat

330p Class: High Skill Integration & Commitment

The ‘golden rule of flow’ is engaging in tasks in which there is a balance between high challenges and high skills. The need for high skills is common among group work as teams are typically formed to complete challenging goals that cannot be completed on their own. Key to this prerequisite is ensuring that each member of the team can bring their greatest skills and strengths to the task so that the optimal balance is struck for each team member. Team flow requires all participants to play an equal role in fulfilling the team’s collective ambition and shared goal. This requires all team members to have equal skill level. If the team does not have compatible skill levels, advanced members may become bored and disengaged while less developed members may become anxious and frustrated. Moreover, team flow requires equal participation in meetings - meaning that it is blocked when some individuals dominate the meeting while others socially loaf and disengage.

8p Farewell Dinner

Day 6

Departure Day

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