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Corporate Flow State Experiences

We use adventure and neuroscience to help you and your team accomplish more in less time with greater ease.

Flow state, defined as an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform at our best, is key to optimizing individual and team performance in the workplace. In a 10-year study, top executives reported being five times more productive in flow, leading researchers to conclude that a 15-20% increase in time spent in flow could close to double overall workplace productivity.

Organizations Already Using Flow State Training to Maximize Performance

Patagonia - Toyota - Google - Facebook - Navy Seals

Key Metrics

  • 500% increase in productivity for senior executives - McKinsey, 10-year global study of top executives

  • 70% boost in employee productivity and focus – Google

  • 3 days of heightened creativity after a flow state experience – Harvard

  • 430% increase in creative problem solving – University of Sydney

  • 490% faster skill acquisition – Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA

  • Increased employee satisfaction and sense of meaning from work – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  • “Flow state percentage is the #1 management metric for the 21st century” – James Slavet, Greylock Partners

Flow, through a cocktail of potent neurochemicals, provides access to one of the most gratifying, meaningful, productive, and autotelic states available.

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How We Do It

What we do is combine the flow trigger of adventure sports and neuroscience education to unleash human potential by running teams in flow state. Our initial talk will include going over your teams’ goals, possible activities, and locations. From there we will build a custom flow state experience specific to your team.

“I became fascinated by Steven Kotler’s books about Flow State, and wanted to share these game changing tactics with the world”

Frank Scotti – Founder Nomad Inc 

Jeremy Jensen
Flow Coach


Jeremy Jensen is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mountain sports athlete - passionate about helping people lead authentic and intentional lives, rich with experiences that make them feel alive!


His interests lie at the intersection of flow science, lifestyle design, and action/adventure sports.


Jeremy holds an MBA and MA in Social Entrepreneurship from the American University, a BA in Spanish from the University of Utah, and is a certified flow lecturer/coach - studying under the world’s foremost authority and thought leader on flow and optimal performance - Steven Kotler.


Jeremy has worked with Oracle, CU Leads School of Business, Summit X, 5 Point Film Festival, Outwild, and Naropa University among others.

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