We’ve chased waves all over the world and now we want to share our experiences and all that we have found with you. We have sought out waves for all abilities from never been on a surfboard to the well-seasoned veteran.  It’s not just about the surf but, the cultural experiences and everything that goes with the journey.   

We have our favorite spots in Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica, just to name a few. Tell us what you’re thinking and leave the rest up to us. Let’s combine everything you're looking for and everything the region has to offer to create the ultimate itinerary.  Some people just want to surf and sleep, maybe the live aboard charter is the experience for them. Others want to start the trip with a cultural experience in capital of the country, explore surrounding volcanoes, raft the warm jungle waters, zip line, discover remote beaches, fish the rivers and the ocean, volunteer at a local school, take a cooking class, and brush up on a second language, the options are limited by imagination. 

Having local knowledge is what separates a wonderful experience from missing out on what the area really has to offer. We are not travel agents. We are in the business of sharing our dreams with others. We want our guests to experience the same feeling we had when we discovered the location. If they don’t have that same overwhelming euphoria of flow it is not good for them, and it is not good for us. You can’t fake flow. That is why it is so infectious. 


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