Frank Scotti


From an early age Frank Scotti, founder of Nomad Inc., knew he wanted to share his love for adventure and travel with the world. Seeking out powder stashes on a homemade snowboard at the local golf course, building jumps for bikes, and sneaking out for all-night fishing missions were a regular occurrence from day one. Having his mom drag him home kicking and screaming, bike in one hand and shovel in the other, were the norm.

As soon as Frank could, he headed west from his roots in Long Island, NY to pursue his outdoor passions. After spending time in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado he knew there was more and his craving for adventure and new experiences grew. Frank’s travel experience is geographically vast and spans the spectrum of adventure including many surf trips in Central America; climbing, surfing, and snowboarding in South America; scuba diving in Southeast Asia; helicopter skiing in Alaska; whitewater kayaking in New Zealand; and multiple excursions throughout the U.S.

His stories of such experiences are not without a fair amount of humorous anecdotes, however they also contain tales of meticulous detail and preparedness that make listeners gravitate towards his leadership and creative qualities. As his travel resume increased so did his gallery of photographs that captured indelible moments in beautiful detail and clarity.

Frank holds a Bachelor’s Science Wilderness Leadership with a minor focus in Cultural Studies from Prescott College in Arizona. In addition, Frank spent two and a half months in Patagonia on a NOLS adventure leadership program.

Frank’s certifications and advanced training:

  • Level II Avalanche Certification AIARE

  • American Mechanized Ski Guide I

  • Outdoor Emergency Care National Ski Patrol

  • CPR/AED Certification American Red Cross

  • Registered Maine Guide

  • Kayak Instructor I ACA



Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Division 1 track lead her to Auburn University, where she earned a degree in Marketing.  Then, enticed by the electric energy of the Big Apple, she spent a decade in pharmaceutical sales before serendipitously meeting her surfing nomad, Frank Scotti, in Montauk, and rode off into the sunset on the handlebars of his vintage (and brakeless) townie.  This whirlwind romance brought her to the breathtaking Roaring Fork Valley to live happily ever after and help her husband launch his adventure travel business, Nomad Inc.  

The consistent thread throughout this tale of many cities is Kelly’s insatiable hunger for exploring the world and experiencing the diverse beauty that each new landscape, adventure, and culture have to offer.  From island hopping the Dalmatia Coast and British Virgin Islands, to trekking thru Colombia to Ciudad Perdida, to sailing down the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, to snowshoeing above the Arctic Circle in Sweden, her list of travel adventures is lengthy, and her bucket list is even longer.

Kelly brings to the team an immense passion for adventure, laughter, outdoor activities, new experiences, and travel.  After decades of competitive running, Kelly is constantly in search of new ways to challenge her physical limits in the outdoors and loves to share this quest with others.  Her latest passions include ultra-trail running and adventure parenting.  

Kelly believes that travel is the best gift one can give, to yourself or someone else!  Her infectious excitement and energetic spirit will be instantly evident throughout her tireless devotion to crafting and delivering your trip of a lifetime.

Carrie Rossman


Authentic. Soulful. Adventurous. Carrie Rossman is an example of a woman living life to the fullest. 
Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota her foundation was set early on in the arts, outdoors, athletics and holistic living. At the age of 18, Carrie and her family relocated to Colorado to pursue their love affair with the Rocky Mountains and skiing. It was at this point Yoga entered her life and she began deepening her path to an enriched life. After more than a decade in Breckenridge, Colorado, Carrie began on a quest to solidify her connection to mind, body, and spirit. This quest led her to the jungle of Nicaragua to complete a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in the Hatha Yoga lineage. Upon completion of the program, Carrie moved to Mexico to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle and immerse herself in coastal culture. Most days you will find Carrie in the yoga studio guiding classes or in the sea celebrating life’s simple treasures. 

Carrie has been trained in the Hatha Yoga lineage as well as the Yin Yoga lineage and holds a degree in Communication from the University of Colorado. You will find her Hatha and Vinyasa classes to be creative, challenging, and led with integrity so one can further explore the science of Yoga. Carrie’s Yin classes are best described as restorative, meditative, and replenishing. 
Her intention is to share her passion for holistic living, create meaningful connections within community, and encourage more playful days spent outdoors.  Her knowledge of and passion for yoga and surfing will leave your soul smiling.