From Shoestring to Flowstate

Listening to Jeremy Jensen’s Adventurepreneur podcast last week, with ours truly, Frank Scotti, as the guest, stirred a variety of emotions.  It was inspirational to be a fly on the wall while these two like-minded gentlemen discussed the journey (highs & lows) of building your own dream, instead of being a slave to building someone else’s.  The podcast also brought me back to the beginning.  When I first met Frank, when Nomad Inc was in its infancy, and jumping on the “wagon” (after weeks of camping & surfing out of the back of Frank’s blue Dodge Ram) was the surest decision I ever made.

I remember vividly the first time I met Frank, through a mutual friend, during the late morning on a picnic table in front of Joni’s, in Montauk, NY.  There was something obscurely special about him.  Yes, he also happens to be extremely handsome, in a rugged mountain-man kind of way.  He had this aura of quiet resolution and modest confidence, like he didn’t subscribe to conventional bullshit, and I wanted to know more.

A few days later, I had a chance to learn more about this mystery man and the vision behind this cool logo on a black trucker hat.  For anyone who knows me well, once I get an opportunity to unleash my curiosity, the flood gates open and questions flow almost beyond my control!  You’re telling me that you quit your job to start your dream job?  How did that feel, saying you were done?  You must feel so liberated!  Are you nervous?  What are the first steps that you’re focused on?  Are you hiring?  I have a sales background & love to travel, can I apply?  I’m somewhat joking about the last question being asked but I was experiencing such a buzz of excitement and intrigue to learn more about his mindset and plans, that I partially blacked out.

Collage pic from our cross-country drive, when I moved from NYC to Carbondale

Collage pic from our cross-country drive, when I moved from NYC to Carbondale

Before I took the leap to pack my 550 square foot NYC apartment into a U-haul and drive cross-country, we took one trip to Carbondale so that Frank could give me a weekend tour of my soon-to-be new home.  It was a weekend in October and Frank effortlessly strung together a Saturday lineup that left me awestruck.  It was impossible not to feel at home with breakfast at The Smithy and it took immense self-control not to drink the homemade raspberry preserves.  With our stomachs full and a picnic packed, we set out to drive to Marble.  We rented an ATV, I wrapped my arms around Frank’s chest, and we set out on the rugged Lead King Loop.  The landscape was tree-lined with the such bright Fall colors, it could have been on the postcard that I sent to my Nana.  Once we arrived at the Lake Geneva trailhead, it was a 2.1 mile hike to the high alpine lake, where we savored snacks and contemplated a quick skinny dip in the emerald colored lake.  I could ramble on about the other local gems that Frank seamlessly weaved into our weekend but the point I’m trying to convey is that Frank has a innate knack for this custom trip thing.  He has such an understanding and connection with his favorite places, whether it be in the Roaring Fork Valley, El Salvador, BC or beyond, that he knows how to masterfully curate a memorable itinerary that will stir your soul. 

I feel honored to bear witness and participate in the evolution of Nomad Inc.  It takes such courage to stray from the comfort and security of a predictable and reliable life path to do something so extraordinary as building your own dream.  It also takes tremendous self-awareness to define your passions and communicate them into a unique brand.  The strength and resilience required to pour your heart and soul in your biggest life adventure, when there’s no guarantee of success and the path is riddled with obstacles and doubt, is beyond comprehension.  I’m proud of you, babe.

Steve Larosiliere