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Sure, Aspen Is Nice. But Carbondale is Colorado’s Hottest Summer Playground

Afloat on the Roaring Fork River

If Aspen is a wintertime playground, Carbondale is its summer foil. On the Roaring Fork River, which flows through Aspen and Carbondale along Highway 82, there’s excellent trout fishing, whitewater rafting, and stand-up paddling. It’s also scenic: The surrounding wetlands are a protected nature preserve; on your way down river, you’ll pass herds of elk and colonies of great blue heron.

Frank Scotti, the 41-year-old founder of Nomad Inc., is the town’s de facto adventure concierge. For years, he’s made a name on heli-skiing trips to Chile or surfing itineraries in Costa Rica, but now he’s finding just as much success at home in the Carbondale valley.

“Helicopter flight-seeing tours are huge for us,” Scotti says. “We have waterfalls, wildlife, and the Marroon Bells, which I’ve been told are the most photographed peaks in Colorado.”

In keeping with the destination’s culinary-meets-adventure appeal, Scotti will also plan “white glove picnics” at such places as Cedar Ridge Ranch, Rock Bottom Ranch, and O’Donovan’s Guest House. They’re elaborate setups created in partnership with local chefs, using ingredients such as native wild greens, homemade pickles, and freshly laid eggs—a perfect way to unwind after a morning full of thrills.

Steve Larosiliere