Mountain Biking

Western Colorado and Eastern Utah boast some of the best mountain biking on the planet. The terrain offers hundreds of miles of single track suited for all abilities, guaranteeing countless options and memorable rides. The warm temperatures of the Eastern Utah desert allow for a nearly year-round biking season - early spring to late fall/early winter. Once the temperature begins to rise, the snow melts, and the Rocky Mountain trail's begin to dry its time to head for higher elevations. If you want a true cross country biking experience – uphill climbs, scenic traverses, and exhilarating downhills – Nomad Inc takes you to the Roaring Fork Valley and Crested Butte. From Aspen to Carbondale to Crested Butte you will experience sensory overload and disbelief at the quality of the riding. Later in the season the fall foliage starts to explode and the aspens become a sea of yellow, orange and red it’s hard to keep your eyes on the trail, hands on the bars and feet on the pedals. 

Nomad Inc welcomes riders with varied levels of experience. So we tailor each of our mountain bike trips depending upon several factors including the time of year, weather forecast and trail conditions. But most importantly, we ensure each trip exceeds what our clients are wishing to experience. 

All trips begin with airport pickup, where a Nomad Inc ambassador will greet you, escort you to your lodging, get you acquainted with your surroundings and discuss the plan for the days to come. Even with an agenda, we approach each day open to ideas and based on how the group is feeling and what their desires are. Nomad Inc provides a selection of the top mountain bikes and gear, offered by our local shops. Their mechanics ensure that the bikes are tuned and ready for each day’s ride. All of the Nomad Inc mountain bike guides are local residents with a deep love for not only biking but the environment of which they live. 

When not biking the Roaring Fork Valley offers an endless amount of other options. Award winning restaurants, silver and gold medal fly-fishing rivers, rafting, and scenic views just to name a few.


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